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  • #17 Souljacker by Yasmine Galenorn

    An urban fantasy that has vampires, werewolves and the Fay all living out in the open.  When a talented tattoo artist is turned into a vampire and escapes out of the asylum he has been locked in his former clients become his new prey. The Souljacker is hunting his clients down to remove his art from them since he is no longer inspired to create art since he was turned.  Lily is a succubus and one of his former clients. When her Fey Queen commands her to track down the killer she has to obey.

    This is the start of a new series and the start of a new chapter in Lily's life. She has friends and in this book picks up a new job for her Queen and a steady love interest as well.

    A fun light read and I'll be looking for more of these.

    Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley

  • #16 The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

    This volume in the ongoing Liaden series focuses only on Theo, her crew, and the ship Bechimo.  Surprisingly enough this can work as a first-time dip in the series for someone since it only concerns so few people in the series and some background is given to reader as the story unfolds.  Longtime fans of the series might want to brush up on events that happened in Crystal Soldier and Crystal Dragon for things that happen in this story.  Another fun story in this universe and I'll be reading more of them as they come out and rereading some of my favorites while I wait.

    Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

  • #15 Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti

    This is more of a collection of shorts than one long arc of stories.  The zombie story was cute but felt more like an alt universe instead of going to part of the new cannon.  The call center attack was fun and almost everyone dreams of doing it at some point.  By the end of the issue Harley get a new villain to spar with that I'm sure we will be seeing more of in the future.

    A decent start to this latest reboot in the DC universe. I'll pick up the next one to see where it is going from here.

    Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Edelweiss

  • #14 Hellblazer: The Family Man by Jamie Delano, Richard Foreman, Ron Tiner, Sean Phillips,

    Hellblazer: The Family Man
    by Jamie Delano, Richard Foreman, Ron Tiner, Sean Phillips, Steve Pugh, Dean Motter, Dick Foreman

    This collection is from the original run on Hellblazer. Most of this collection has John dealing with human matters than with magical ones. The best part is the section with the serial killer he helps by chance and then does everything he can to make it right. John pays for his actions in a very personal way but in the end good does triumph over evil in this collection.

    Overall a good collection and it can be read out of order since I read a later collection before reading this one.

  • #13 Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh

    This novella can be read by itself or before or after books 1 and 2.  The story is cute and sweet and the only hurdle between them is Thea doesn't date clients but David works hard to woo her heart in a way that appeals to her and has her overcome her previous heartbreak and trust issues.

  • #12 Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

    This couple has lots of issues to overcome in order to ever get together. Kit had her heart stomped by Noah after he felt life their friendship was getting too close for comfort. Noah is a known womanizer in the band.  He never spends more than one night with a woman and never lets them stay the night. Kit hid her hurt from Noah and the rest of the band since they were all friends together before any of them hit the big time.  When Kit goes to an event with Noah as a favor and the gossip rags decide there is something there it looks like it will really help Kit secure a new role in a blockbuster film. So now they have to fake a love relationship for the cameras while trying to see if they can actually work together.  Secrets that Noah has kept from Kit do come out and true loves wins in the end.

  • #11 Midnight Curse by Melissa F. Olson

    This can count as either book 1 or book 4.  Since I haven't read the previous three books that feature Scarlett working for her vampire boss cleaning up any evidence of werewolves or vampires or anything Old World from mere mortals. Scarlett is a mortal but she is a null, someone who can cancel out magic within a small radius around herself.  She gets a message to see her old roommate Molly and when she arrives she finds Molly in the middle of a slaughter. Things don't add up and she quickly decides to help her old friend clear her name.  A fast-paced story but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by reading this book first.

    Digital review copy proved by the publisher through NetGalley

  • #10 Love is Love by Marc Andreyko

    Keep Kleenex nearby when you read this collecting of vignettes about writers feeling on the Pulse shootings.  Some used their personal feelings and dramatic retellings of the events, others used comic characters they are working on to show their reactions to the attack.  I had to take breaks reading this because of the emotions reading this brought about. This is a moving tribute to the people that suffered at the hands of the shooter and an emotional read.

  • #9 Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

    The first in a series of contemporary romances, I read book 2 first and the events in book 1 and 2 overlap but since I knew the couple in this book would be dating it really didn't ruin the story for me since this was more about how they got together and overcome having a relationship in the spotlight.  This was a fun light read and I picked it up because I read her other series I'll continue with this series for when I want some nice light reading.

  • #8 Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles by Various

    This collection of issues shows some of the best battles in the long run of Wonder Woman.  This isn't the best spot for someone who doesn't know her history or the supporting players to grab as a first read. It is a great sampling of various art and story styles by people who had had very good runs with the comic. This might have been a friendlier volume to the new fan if there was a page or two of a setup recap instead of showing comic after comic of her taking down some great villains and caring for people at the same time.

    Digital review copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley

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